Bloodstone is an opaque to translucent variety of chalcedony quartz. More specifically, it is classified as a variety of microcrystalline quartz. Bloodstone is characterized by its dark green color and the presence of red, blood-like inclusions, which is how it earned its descriptive gemstone name. Bloodstone is also known as 'heliotrope' and 'blood jasper'. Bloodstone was once the original birthstone for March, but it was later replaced by aquamarine. Today, bloodstone is still an alternative birthstone for March and it is the zodiacal stone for Aries.
Bloodstone's green body color is a result of dense inclusions composed of chlorite or hornblende needles. Bloodstone's color ranges from various shades of light to dark green and typically, the primary color is unevenly distributed, often exhibiting noticeable light and dark color zones. Bloodstone's blood-like inclusions are owed to the presence of iron oxide impurities. The 'blood-drops' can range from red to brownish in color. Some stones may display yellow spotting, these are known in the trade as 'plasma' and are often mistaken for a variety of jasper. Bloodstone's level of 'blood' inclusions vary tremendously. Some may exhibit little to no spotting, while others are very densely spotted. Droplet-shaped blood spots are more desirable than streaks.
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